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Many people are curious about just what "advanced directives" really means, but quite often don't want to ask. At Divine Home Care, we understand how confusing the term may be, especially for someone not in the health care field.

We are here to help. Advanced directives means simply that you are able to make choices about your health care in advance. There are many options that you can discuss with your health care provider. Basically, an advanced directive is usually a document, which can be obtained from your local health department, or on line, which allows you to make decisions such as whether or not you would choose to be placed on a ventilator, have a feeding tube, or the level of life support measures you would choose for yourself should you become unable to make those decisions at some point.

Many, young and older alike have chosen to formulate advanced directives, or a living will, simply to be able to make their own decisions which they do not want their families to have to make in what might be a very stressful time.

Most states now have web-sites which will allow you to print your living will and have it witnessed and notarized, or signed by an attorney. At the very least, these "living wills" may serve as guidance for your loved ones should the need arise.

If you would like to talk to us about living wills and advanced directives, please give us a call today. You may also request a free booklet which will help explain further.